No matter what type of facility you have, it is imperative to have strong signals throughout. Otherwise, your employees may not be able to effectively communicate with each other. But, more importantly, first responders may not know where to go in an emergency, which could be quite dangerous.

That is why having BDAs, or Bi-Directional Amplifiers, in your building is a necessity. We will go over exactly what they are, their benefits, and how Express Radio can help find the right one for your structure.


BDAs are systems that boost wireless signals throughout a building. This includes common places where a signal may be spotty, such as:

  • Stairwells
  • Parking garages
  • Underground tunnels

A BDA will need to seek out a wireless signal that you are trying to use throughout your facility—often from an antenna on the roof. Once it locates and captures the signal, it then needs to amplify it.

Just like how speakers at a venue redistribute someone’s amplified voice to an audience, a BDA will redistribute an augmented signal throughout a building. However, this amplifier/repeater needs to be installed in an optimal location in your facility in order for it to work properly.


But once it is set up, it can greatly improve signals throughout your structure. This results in having better cellular and two-way radio communications within your building.

A BDA system can enhance your business’s productivity, since employees will be able to quickly address any issues that may arise. Additionally, BDAs can increase value to tenants through an enhanced mobile coverage.

But beyond everyday operations, amplifiers can ensure that there is dependable communication coverage for first responders. As a result, police officers, firefighters, or EMTs can talk to their command center to find out where the emergency inside a building is. It also ensures that they can maintain contact with each other, regardless of their location inside your facility.


While it is beneficial to have a BDA in your building, setting it up can be a complex job. That is because installing it incorrectly can compromise the equipment’s effectiveness.

Plus, a lot goes into getting a BDA in your building, from the engineering and design to the analysis and installation. That is why it is recommended to have an experienced solutions provider do the work for you.

They can install a BDA that can operate in places with no electricity, as well as under high heat and humidity. So, no matter what may be going on outside, you can rest assured that the signal inside your facility will not be affected.

They will also make sure that the signal booster system meets code and performance standards. By installing a BDA using FCC guidelines, you can ensure that your building’s occupants and visitors will stay safe, and you will also minimize the risk of property damage.


If your facility has any type of communication issues, then contact Express Radio. Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, and we will work hard to make that a reality.

So, do not wait. Let us help you get a reliable and affordable communications system for your building today!

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