Let's face it, radio communications technology is not for everyone, and even the well-seasoned techie has questions now and then. Good thing you've turned to the minds at Express Radio for some answers. On this page, we answer some common questions and explain some current technology in layman's terms. You can also contact us at 800-448-7755.


1.) What is the difference between UHF and VHF?

Selecting what band you want your radio to operate on is one of the most important communications decisions you will have to make. All bands/frequencies have their advantages and disadvantages. In a metropolitan area, or in a building, a higher frequency in the UHF or 900 MHz band may be a good choice. In a rural area with fewer buildings, VHF is probably a better choice to fulfill your communications needs.

2.) What else should I know about antennas?

Antennas have three features to consider: Signal Pattern, Gain and Durability. Two of the most common signal patterns are omni directional and directional. An omni pattern is a 360 degree signal horizontally while the directional pattern has its strongest signal in one direction. To get better transmit and receive signal pay attention to an antenna's gain. 3dB of gain doubles a unity gain signal while 6dB gain gives four times the signal. Lastly, an antenna needs to last so we want one that is durable. Wind, corrosion and ice are destroyers! Let Express Radio help you pick out the perfect antenna for your needs.

3.) What sort of range am I going to get with my system?

Express Radio has put together a handy little FM Two-Way Radio Range Table to help you get an idea of how much range you can get. Please take a look.

FM range table

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