Enhance the flexibility of your two-way radios with cable accessories designed to improve communication between your devices.

Our assortment of cable accessories is designed to provide audio replacements, two-way dispatch communications and time-saving cloning solutions to meet every connectivity need for Motorola two-way radios.

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Speaker Extension Cable
Model: GMKN4084
This is an Speaker Extension Cable. ...
Mobile to Car Battery Installation Cable
Model: HKN4137
Cables used to connect the battery to the radio chassis. ...
10' Installation Cables
Model: HKN4191
Cables used to connect the battery to the radio chassis. ...
20' 12 Volt Power Cable to Battery
Model: HKN4192
Cables used to connect your vehicle's battery to a mobile radio. ...
Ignition Sense Cable
Model: HKN9327_R
This ignition switch cable with a housing connector is used to connect an auto battery ...
BPR40 Cloning Cable
Model: PMDN4060_R
This product is a BPR 40 Cloning Cable. ...
Portable Programming Cable
Model: PMKN4128
This is a Portable programming cable with USB port connects portable to your computer f...
Mobile Front Programming Cable
Model: PMKN4147
This is a mobile front programming cable. ...
Mobile Rear Accessory Connector Universal Cable
Model: PMKN4151
This is a Mobile Rear Accessory Connector Universal Cable. ...
Remote Speaker Microphone Replacement Cable
Model: RLN6074
Replacement cable for remote speaker microphone models PMMN4024 and PMMN4040. ...